The Ramblers

This blog is our diary. A journal about us, our friendship, and everything in between. We met as design students in 2002 and lived as roommates in Bali back and forth from 2012 to 2016. Back in Bali, all we did was walking by the beach to watch sunset and rambling around till midnight. We are now based in Tangerang Selatan, a suburb to Jakarta, but we keep the sunset walks and midnight ramblings alive in our hearts.

Amanda is the designer
She designs both graphic and fashion. And illustrates too. She likes salmon pink, cute things and pancakes. She loves books, and know all Gilmore Girls episodes by heart. She is into mules shoes and pastel colours.

Victoria is the writer
She writes two novels already. And some other copy writing stuff. She likes purple, aquamarine, and coffee. She draws perspective and still objects only. She's into bohemians, Indonesian ethnics and gypsy magic. And she embroiders pretty well too.

We both love Harry Potter, Angelina Jolie, french toast, unicorns, and other silly things. We may not live in this world, we create our own bubbles. This blog is our bubbles.

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